Magick In Theory and Practice

Do what thou wilt shall be
the whole of the Law

Table of Contents

0The Magical Theory of the Universe
1The Principles of Ritual
2The Formulae of the Elemental Weapons
3The Formula of Tetragrammaton
4The Formula of Alhim, and that of Alim
5The Formula of I.A.O.
6The Formula of the Neophyte
7The Formula of the Holy Graal
8Of Equilibrium
9Of Silence and Secrecy
10Of the Gestures
11Of Our Lady Babalon
12Of the Bloody Sacrifice
13Of the Banishings
14Of the Consecrations
15Of the Oath; Of the Charge to the Spirit
16Of the Invocation
17Of the Licence to Depart
18Of Clairvoyance and of the Body of Light
19Of Dramatic Rituals
20Of the Eucharist and of the Art of Alchemy
21Of Black Magic
IAppendix I
IIAppendix II
IIIAppendix III
IVAppendix IV
VAppendix V
VIAppendix VI
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